MedMaster MPH’s Sleek New Design Complements a Range of Patient Care Settings  

MPH Medical Headwall use in Patient Room

Patient Rooms

MPH Medical Headwall use in Recovery Rooms

Recovery Rooms

MPH Medical Headwall use in Rehabilitation Centers

Rehabilitation Centers

MPH Medical Headwall use in Long Term Care Facilities

Long-Term Care Facilities

Easy Cleaning, High Performance Combine for “Fit & Forget” Lighting Solution

• Optional Indigo-Clean® Visible Light Disinfection Technology safely kills harmful pathogens

• Sleek design for easy wipedown; anti-microbial finish & NSF2 rating

• Low voltage controller and dimming options deliver ultimate patient control

• Multiple functions provide proper illumination levels for patients and caregivers

• Diffused, impact resistant lens

MedMaster MPH Fixture

MedMaster™ MPH Series

4' MPH Installed Above Patient Bed
Available in Three Lengths

MPH Series Available in 2', 3', and 4' lengths

Listings and Warranty

LED 5-year Warranty - Covers select Kenall LED products for a period of 5 years from the date of manufacture. Complete Warranty Information

Patient-Centric Technologies Leverage Lighting for Health & Wellness

Recommended for use in areas operating 24/7, single-mode Indigo-Clean Technology is a Continuous Environmental Disinfection System that employs blended (white + 405nm) visible light, exclusively, to disinfect the space. When the light is on, disinfection is active: killing harmful bacteria, as well as 90%+ of SARS-CoV-2 & Influenza-A in less than 2 hours in the upper air.

The single mode contains NO UV and is safe for room occupants. 24/7 use is recommended for optimal disinfection.

Amber Light

As digital devices, such as cell phones, tablets and computers, have proliferated, society is more aware of the sleep disruption “blue” light can cause. Consequently, Kenall now offers two choices of night light in the MedMaster MPH, both designed to minimize sleep disruption and help maintain proper circadian rhythm:

• 2700K LED “warm white”

• 570nm phosphor-converted (PC) amber LED

Optional Warm or Cool light levels for reading light

How Much Does Old Lighting Really Cost?

Save cost by switching to LED

Replacing one 36 W T8 fluorescent lamp with 20 W LED saves approximately $288 over 5 years*

Fluorescents contain poisonous mercury

Fluorescents contain mercury, and therefore may require special disposal measures that add cost

LEDs last longer than fluorescents

MedMaster MPH will last approximately 75,000 hours, vs. 20,000 hours for T5 fluorescent tubes**

Lower service costs with LEDs

Shorter lamp life requires not only replacement cost, but also additional work hours to service


* ScientificWorldJournal. 2014; 2014: 745894. Published online 2014 Jul 15. doi: 10.1155/2014/745894


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